Pre-K Afternoon Enrichment Program

Pre-K children who register for this program participate in their morning class until 12:00, eat their lunch, play and relax until 12:30, and then participate in our enrichment program from 12:30-2:00. The full program runs from 12:00-2:00.  We have a 2 Day or 3 Day option for this program.  Annual registration is required for this program which runs the full academic year.

The goal of enrichment is to provide a challenging curriculum through developmentally appropriate practices for young children.  Children will emerge themselves into a theme based curriculum that is focused on preparing children for kindergarten.  Our Pre-K enrichment is a program that integrates reading, writing, math, science, art, STEM and music.  This program is structured to provide each child with the maximum opportunity for personal growth and success to enhance their continued love of learning.

Language and Reading – We will reinforce and develop literacy skills to become emergent readers and writers.  We will explore many authors and their fabulous books and artists.  Children will continue to build on their letter knowledge as well as practice their sounds. The children will be introduced to rhyming words and sight words.  

Math – Our goal in Math is to construct a Mathematical understanding of the relationship between number and quantity.  We will reinforce recognizing written numbers and become familiar with graphs and charts. We will have hands on centers to reinforce counting. 

Science – In Science, we will explore the principles of science.  We will become scientists as we mix colors and use our senses and various tools to conduct experiments.

Art & Music – We always reinforce creative expression through art and music.  Art comes to life in our class.  We will study famous artists and make interpret their ideas into our own projects.  There is always an opportunity in our class to find the artist in your child.  Music and movement are also used to express ourselves in class.

Learning Tree Preschool is a non-profit, integrated auxiliary of the United Methodist Church of Red Bank. We are an Early Childhood Learning Center licensed by the State of New Jersey, Department of Human Services, and Bureau of Licensing. Learning Tree Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, or disability in the processes of admissions, educational programs or employment.