Three Year-Old Program

Goals and Objectives


  • To help your child view school as a happy, safe place
  • To help your child develop a relationship with and accept guidance from a teacher and other adults
  • To encourage your child’s natural curiosity and wonder in learning

Learning Tree Preschool provides a warm, nurturing, and happy environment for your three year-old to learn and practice important early academic skills.  The three year-old class curriculum is based on a Letter of the Week program.  The children are introduced to a new letter of the alphabet each week using the Fundations program.  Activities, including story time and daily crafts, are centered around that letter.  In addition, each child gets individual time with the teacher throughout the week to work on fine motor development, such as proper pencil grip and scissor use, as well as letter recognition and sounds.



Our three year-olds learn to make friends, take turns, and listen when others talk. They learn to separate from their parents and to accept other grown-ups as authority figures and friends. These are difficult skills.  Our teachers know this, and they give our children lots of guidance, encouragement, and positive feedback.


Our three year-old teachers foster a love of reading and language through many fun and engaging, age-appropriate activities.  These include story time and surrounding activities such as songs and fingerplays.  The children navigate through the alphabet one letter at a time, building on their knowledge each week with new letter activities including matching games, puzzles and art projects.


Our three year-olds learn counting, pattern recognition, shape recognition, and problem solving through both structured activities and unstructured play.


Before children can write, they need to develop the fine motor muscles in their hands for proper pencil grip and control.  At Learning Tree, we help foster fine motor development through many activities that are fun and age-appropriate.  They include painting, scribbling, gluing, play dough, cutting and crumbling paper, stringing beads, manipulating puzzles, and construction toys and fingerplays.


Children are natural scientists – Always wondering why, and eager to find the answer to that persistent question, “Why?”.  Our teachers provide children with plenty of hands–on science experiments.  Some examples are mixing colors, planting, and hatching insects.

Sample Daily Schedule


9:15-9:25 AM Arrival:
Teachers greet children, children hang coats and bags, children wash hands, children participate in activities at the tables

9:25–9:45 AM First Circle:
Good Morning song and movement activities, story time, cognitive skills, demonstration of craft

9:45-10:45 AM Activity Time:
Crafts, Puzzles, manipulatives, play dough, painting, blocks, kitchen, science experiments, fine motor activities, teachers provide individualized and small group instruction

10:45-10:55 AM Clean-up Time

10:55-11:10 AM Snack

11:10–11:30 AM Second Circle:
Calendar, weather, songs, story time, Pledge of Allegiance

11:30-11:45 AM Gross Motor:
Playground or movement songs and activities in the classroom if there is inclement weather

11:45 AM

Learning Tree Preschool is a non-profit, integrated auxiliary of the United Methodist Church of Red Bank. We are an Early Childhood Learning Center licensed by the State of New Jersey, Department of Human Services, and Bureau of Licensing. Learning Tree Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, or disability in the processes of admissions, educational programs or employment.