Pre-K Class

Goals and Objectives


  • To encourage your child’s natural curiosity and wonder in learning
  • To learn effective social skills to develop a positive relationship with others
  • To help your child master the skills needed for kindergarten

Learning Tree incorporates the U.S. preschool core standards into the Pre-K curriculum and builds on the foundations learned in the three year-old program to ensure your child is ready for kindergarten and their academic adventures ahead.

Learning Tree Preschool provides a warm, nurturing, and happy environment for your Pre-K child in which to learn and practice these important early academic skills.



Our Pre-K children learn a variety of social and emotional skills. They learn to express individuality by making independent decisions. They learn to recognize and describe a wide range of feelings, including happiness, sadness and empathy. Our teachers foster positive interaction with other children and adults. These are difficult skills. Our teachers know this, and they give our children lots of guidance, encouragement, and positive feedback.


Our Pre-K teachers foster a love of reading and language through many fun and engaging age-appropriate activities. These include story time, finger-plays, sequencing cards, and authoring and acting out stories. Alphabet activities allow children to review capital and lower case letters and their sounds, and the children build a solid foundation of sight words throughout the year.


Our Pre-K children learn an understanding of numbers and numerical operations, including counting and one-to-one correspondence, pattern recognition, shape recognition, and problem solving through both structured activities and unstructured play.

Pre – Writing

Children need strong fine motor skills for proper pencil grip and control. At Learning Tree we help foster fine motor development through activities that are fun and age-appropriate. They include painting, drawing, tracing, as well as pencil and paper activities including mazes, dot-to-dots and independently writing their names and letters.


Children are natural scientists – always curious, and eager to find answers. Our teachers provide children with a variety of hands–on science experiments including planting, color diffusion, cooking, hatching butterflies and hatching live chicks.

Field Trips

Trips may include exploring Huber Woods or going to the Monmouth Museum.

Sample Daily Schedule


9:15 – Arrival:
Children hang up coats and bags and engage in quiet activities like looking at books or drawing

9:25 – First Circle:
Children help with activities such as calendar and weather. Teacher introduces new concepts and themes for the day/week

9:45 – Free Play:
Children choose among activities provided by the teacher for that particular day. Each child participates in the craft project with the teacher

10:45 – Cleanup Time:
Children, teacher and classroom-helper work together putting toys and art supplies away

11:00 – Snack

11:15 – Second Circle:
Story time, music activities, and other group learning activities

11:30 – Gross Motor Activities:
Playground, parachute, running, jumping, bouncing balls, climbing

11:45 – Dismissal

Learning Tree Preschool is a non-profit, integrated auxiliary of the United Methodist Church of Red Bank. We are an Early Childhood Learning Center licensed by the State of New Jersey, Department of Human Services, and Bureau of Licensing. Learning Tree Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, or disability in the processes of admissions, educational programs or employment.