Establishing a foundation for reading and writing through our “Letter of the Week” program

Cooperative Parental Involvement

Offering parents and loved ones the opportunity to work in their child’s class and experience their learning first hand


Teaching children to give back through monthly donation drives and participation in charitable events

Children at Learning Tree are encouraged to

Learn by Doing


The curriculum is planned by the creative and dedicated professionals on staff. Emphasis is placed on the actual process rather than the finished product. Children experience the fun of learning by participating in activities designed to stimulate growth in a wide range of areas, including social and cognitive development and gross and motor skills.

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Parent Testimonials

“I absolutely love Learning Tree. I currently have one son in the school, who started with Mommy & Me, then went to the 3’s, and is now in Pre-K. The teachers are fantastic! The classrooms and big and bright and it’s a wonderful environment for learning and playing. My son loves going to school every day. I also love the opportunity to co-op and be in the classroom with him. We both look forward to it! And while I am in his classroom, my youngest can go to the babysitting room, which is fantastic! It’s just such a nice school with events like Santa Lunch and the Bunny Breakfast throughout the year…We are very happy to be a LTP family!”

– Jen W., Shrewsbury 
– Jen W., Shrewsbury

“We’ve had many great experiences over the years at Learning Tree Preschool, our two older children attended and now our youngest son attends. The director and teachers are a very caring, supportive, educated staff, and they prepared our children well for kindergarten. We love the opportunity to co-op, not only do you get to be involved and have fun with your child in the classroom, but you really get to know your child’s teacher, classmates, and the parents. Our children love their classroom routines and learning new things. Crafts, songs, circle time, and playing on the new playground with their friends are just some of their favorites! Our family enjoys the many events and holiday gatherings the school has throughout the year, and we’ve developed friendships that extend outside our school days. We are so grateful for all the wonderful opportunities Learning Tree Preschool has given to our children and us parents!”

– Donna H., Tinton Falls 
– Donna H., Tinton Falls

“When I set out to decide where to send my son to preschool, I found myself at Learning Tree Preschool and fell in love. My main objective was to find a nurturing home for my child to become accustomed to a learning and social environment. The quality of teaching was a welcome surprise. It was such a positive atmosphere and everyone I came in contact with was so welcoming and enthusiastic. I signed him up that day! James will already be in Kindergarten next year, but we have now become a part of the Learning Tree Family. I can’t imagine a more enriching, loving place for my other two children to begin their learning experience.”

– Katie R., Middletown 
– Katie R., Middletown

“Learning Tree has been the perfect fit for me and my family. The Mom & Me program was exactly what I was looking for in terms of introducing my then two-year-old twins to a classroom environment when I, as a parent, was not ready for a drop-off class. It was a joy to share the experience of learning new skills, making friends and having fun! Given this foundation and the warmth of the staff, their first day “on their own” this year in the three-year-old program was full of excitement and confidence. I also enjoy the co-oping aspect of Learning Tree. There’s no better way to truly get a glimpse of your child’s learning environment.”

– Christa A., Fair Haven 
– Christa A., Fair Haven

“My husband and I are both educators, so we were very involved in picking the perfect preschool for our son, Army. We are thrilled that we chose Learning Tree. Army has made such strides, both academically and socially. The programs that Learning Tree provides are just what a child needs to feel successful. Learning Tree has prepared our son quite well for kindergarten, and we are so thankful to the staff for all that they have done to make our time here a positive one.”

– Nikki and Chris I., Red Bank 
– Nikki and Chris I., Red Bank

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Learning Tree Preschool is a non-profit, integrated auxiliary of the United Methodist Church of Red Bank. We are an Early Childhood Learning Center licensed by the State of New Jersey, Department of Human Services, and Bureau of Licensing. Learning Tree Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, or disability in the processes of admissions, educational programs or employment.